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Product Catalog
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Guangzhou Yuanyang Mechanical Device co.,Ltd is specialized in producing the complete sets

of equipments which can be used in the industries such as daily chemical, chemicals and

daily use. With the achievements studied by tens of specialists and scholars, we have

developed many kinds of small and medium business equipment since the company founded. The

equipments are used for small ivestments or family production, with small investment and

big effect. It's the first choice for entrepreneurs.
We have been working on developing the technique of projects such as producing daily

chemical detergent,Majority of entrepreneurs like to buy our equipments because of the

advanced design, reasonable structure, easy use, small investment and high profits.
We stick by striving for survival with top quality and promoting development with good

reputation. To realize the commitement to our customers, we have brought the business model

of learning techniques before investment to reduce investment risks for customers. We

suggest all customers  attend the free technology training teaching by professionals in our

company to create a good social environment. We won't contract with customers until they

finish the test by themselves, and make sure that the product is similar to the standard.

We also set a specialized planning agency to provide market planning and sales planning

services. The services are free. We can guarantee your success based on no-risk investment.
We insist "Quality First! Services first! Customers first! Reputation First!". We try our

hard to meet customers requirements and make customers feel satisfied. We consider our

wheels of progress to improve our level of design and produce is helping customers success.

We honestly hope to creat a good future with all entrepreneurs.

Guangzhou yuanyang mechanical device co., ltd, as well known in the country, it is profession in manufacturing many washing product equipments, such as shampoo machine, wash detergent machine, handsoap machine, body lotion machine and so on. For years of customer experience, hands-on, independent research and development, we developed many kinds of equipments including small investment type, family workshops type, and factory type. The equipments has many advantages, such as small investment, quickly see the results. We are the first choice of washing product equipments.

The price is between up to 3000 to tens of thousands yuan. You can choose freely according to your ability of investment. What's more, we can produce equipments according to your requirements. We have professional team, classic design and strict material choose. Our equipments configuration are show on public. We are not fraud that you can buy peace of mind. As a result, choose yuanyang, equals to choose the way to success.

  • Guangzhou yuanyang mechanical device co.,Itd.
  • Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Road District No. 1600 Hui creative park two A6 building the first floor
  • 510280
  • 86-020-84129187
  • 86-020-84129187
  • Rui Fan (Manager )
  • 86-020-18925009129

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